About Us

Stirling  Chauffeurs was established to offer professional chauffeur services to corporate and private customers by providing luxury prestige cars.  We take full responsibility for the services we offer as well as guarantee a licensed, insured, professional drivers. 

Our company has a proven track record with existing clients.  We strive to exceed expectations at all times. If the client is happy,  Being a chauffeur needs more than just a license or driving a luxury car.  We need to be professional, friendly and customer  focused at all times. Stirling Chauffeurs would always ensure our clients feel safe and relaxed in our chauffeur driven car hire. 

Our service is both reliable and consistence every time. We strive to provide excellent  customer service and the best chauffeur experience.  we have built our business reputation on our performance,  we take pride in our work at all times. 

Our Prestige Fleet

Ready to take your call

Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a mainstay of the German firm’s range, demonstrating exactly what the company can achieve with a saloon .

Mercedes Estate car

 Traveling to the airport with extra luggage, mercedes e class estate is the perfect way to travel. 

Mercedes V Class

This High end  Mercedes V class is truly a luxury at your finger tips.  This executive MPV is suitable for up to 7 people. 

Standard car

Our standard cars  are of excellent quality.  Standard car would only be used in extreme circumstances. for example  delays on road or other wise